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~ Saturday, August 31, 2002

28 things invented by clergymen

1 the barocyclonometer
2 written form of the Inuktitut language
3 the reaping machine
4 the pill lock for rifles
5 the rickshaw
6 bourbon
7 Oor Wullie
8 the pantograph
9 the knitting machine
10 Bayesian algorithms
11 the rain gauge
12 the Stirling engine
13 the watch
14 the corkscrew
15 the slide rule
16 the tobacco boat
17 germ theory of diseases
18 the gutta percha golf ball
19 Father John's lung and throat tonic
20 the Gamble Radiated Telegraph
21 the induction coil
22 the Oliver Standard Visible Writer
23 the Eclipse windmill
24 the pyramidon organ stop
25 the stocking frame
26 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
27 the pedal radio
28 Y-fronts*

*any proof of this one? - We had to leave it out of the book, but I KNOW it's true.

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