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~ Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Thistle - The List

1 Slender thistle
2 Musk thistle (Nodding thistle)
3 Brook thistle
4 Melancholy thistle
5 Cabbage thistle
6 Meadow Plume thistle
7 Dwarf thistle (Ground thistle)
8 Spear thistle
9 Creeping thistle (Way thistle)
10 Tuberous thistle
11 Carline thistle
12 Milk thistle (Marian thistle)
13 Woolly thistle (Scotch thistle)
14 Welted thistle (Field thistle)
15 Marsh thistle
16 Tuberous Plume thistle
17 Common Star thistle
18 Slender-Flowered thistle
19 Yellow Star thistle (St Barnaby's thistle)
20 Holy thistle (Blessed thistle)
21 Marsh Plume thistle
22 Meadow thistle

The Sow thistle is a thistle in name only and is not by any other name still a thistle.

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