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~ Sunday, September 01, 2002

At long last, a list of French vegetable garnishes:

1 A l'africaine - with black potatoes and marrow
2 A l'algérienne - with sweet potato croquettes
3 A l'alsacienne - with braised sauerkraut
4 A l'angliase - with sliced carrots and onion
5 A l'anversoise - with hop shoots in cream
6 A la Beauharnais - with artichoke hearts and tarragon
7 A la Biarrotte - with grilled ceps and potato cakes
8 A la boulangère - with sliced potatoes and onions
9 A la bouquetière - with artichokes, carrots and turnip
10 A la bourguignonne - with small whole mushrooms and onions
12 A la brabanconne - with braised chicory
11 A la bretonne - with white or kidney beans
13 A la bruxelloise - with brussels sprouts and small potatoes
14 A la catalane - with sautéed aubergine
15 A la chanoinesse - with carrots and truffle in cream
16 A la châtelaine - with artichoke, chestnut and rice
17 A la clamart - with artichoke hearts filled with peas
18 A la Conti - with puréed lentils
19 A la Cussy - with artichoke hearts and mushroom purée
20 A la Dubarry - with cauliflower in a cheese sauce
21 A la duchesse - with duchess potatoes
22 A la favorite - with braised artichokes, stuffed lettuce and mushrooms
23 A la fermière - with artichoke hearts stuffed with vegetable purée
24 A la flamande - with stuffed green cabbage, carrots and turnip
25 A la forestière - with sautéed morels and potato balls
26 A la hongroise - with cauliflower with cheese and paprika
27 A la jardinière - with carrots, turnip, peas and French beans
28 A la languedocienne - with fried ceps and aubergines
29 A la lyonnaise - with stuffed onions and fondant potato
30 A la maraîchère - with carrots, onion and cucumber
31 A la maréchale - with asparagus tips and sliced truffles
32 A la Marigny - with artichoke hearts filled with sweetcorn and cream
33 A la marocaine - with saffron rice and courgettes
34 A la mascotte - with artichoke hearts, sliced potatoes and truffles
35 A la niçoise - with tomatoes, beans and potatoes
36 A l'orientale - with tomatoes stuffed with rice
37 A la paloise - with potato balls and string beans in cream
38 A la parisienne - with potato balls and braised lettuce
39 A la persane - with aubergine and onion rings
40 A la portugaise - with tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms
41 A la princesse - with asparagus tips in cream
42 A la printanière - with carrots and turnip
43 A la romaine - with spinach and tomato
44 A la sarde - with rice and cheese croquettes and mushrooms
45 A la sarrasine - with pepper and tomato filled buckwheat cakes
46 A la tyrolienne - with fried tomatoes and onion rings
47 A la Valenciennes - with rice and sweet peppers
48 A la Valois - with sautéed artichokes and potatoes

Source: Larousse Gastronomique (1961 edition)

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