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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Tuesday, September 17, 2002

20 books written by my distant relatives:

1 Biological Rhythms and Photoperiodism in Plants by Thomas P Lumsden
2 Black Corps: A Collector's Guide to the History and Regalia of the SS by Robin Lumsden
3 Communicating in Groups and Teams; Sharing Leadership by Gay and Donald Lumsden
4 Machos, Maricones and Gays: Cuba and Homosexuality by Ian Lumsden
5 Biology of the Kinetoplastida by T Lumsden
6 Getting Up to Speed: 115 Quick Tips for the New or Future Manager by George Lumsden
7 Microeconomics: A Programmed Book by Keith G Lumsden
8 Green Byways: Garden Discoveries in the Great Lakes States by Sharon L Lumsden
9 Napalm and Incendiary Weapons: Legal and Humanitarian Aspects by Malvern Lumsden
10 Nourishing Brain Cells by Charles E Lumsden
11 Advances in Parasitology by W Lumsden
12 The Barbados-American Connection by May Lumsden
13 Caring for the Cerebral Palsy Child by Hylda Lumsden
14 Existential Sentences: Their Structure and Meaning by Michael Lumsden
15 Outdoor Lighting Handbook by William Kenneth Lumsden
16 Pest Management: Biologically Based Technologies by Robert D Lumsden
17 A Simple Annual Model for the Evaluation of Balance of Payments Policy in New Zealand by M A Lumsden
18 Techniques With Trypanosomes by W H R Lumsden
19 Thermodynamics of Molten Salt Mixtures by J Lumsden
20 Wellington Special by Alec Lumsden

Source: Amazon

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