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~ Sunday, September 22, 2002

That new South Bank Show series in full:

The Beautiful South - Melvyn Bragg interviews the acerbic and ironic Hull supergroup (plus Paul Morley) about brown ale, shagging slappers, cheese and leek pies and their sine qua non influence on the je ne sais quois.

The Italian Job - Melvyn Bragg interviews stars, best boys and grips from the movie deemed 'the British Battleship Potemkin' (Loaded and The Guardian), while Jenni Eclair, TV's Connie Huq and DJ BoingBoing reminisce about where they were when they first saw the film.

New Generation Journalists-turned-Novelists - Melvyn Bragg interviews Margie O'Ginge, Sholto Plumley, Piers Awkwardly, Lydia Teepaught and others about the literary phenomonomonom of the age: dim hacks that write books to be read on the tube.

Linford Christie's Record Collection - Melvyn Bragg interviews the 'tofu'-fuelled former sprinter about how Luther Vandross, Mica Paris, the Style Council, Lisa Stansfield and other such superstars of gospel changed the history of classical music for the black and sort of black communities in Bletchley Heath.

Carry On! - Melvyn Bragg and sociologist Roger Titternot interview Mark Kermode and Professor Lisa Jardine about the empathalic encronitude and inchoate Kaltsvobildung which are responsible for the lasting appeal of the saucy rompathons that are the Carry On! films (includes nudity).

Poetry Review - Melvyn Bragg interviews those who have contributed to 95 years of the literary journal (now renamed Trantler), including Buster Mottram, Sheezagh Brummy and Rick Inlaw and quizzes new boy-editors Roger Potts and Darius Herd about their love for the work of whoever is on the syllabus of the university in America they want to work for some day.

Art Malik - Melvyn Bragg and his head o' hair interview 'the best Asian King Lear on the London stage for months' (Time Out) and asks him about the media's obsession with inventing the public's obsession with Bollywood.

Source: TV Times (series sponsored by Maynard's Wine Gums)

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