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~ Wednesday, September 11, 2002

15 things you need to know about 'throats':

1 'Genghis Blues' was a 1999 film about throat-singing in the small Russian province of Tuva. Throat-singing is also popular among Finns and the Inuit.
2 The throat chakra, in alternative medicine, is properly called the visuddha.
3 Both Linda Lovelace and her former husband Chuck Traynor, best known for the controversial porn film Deep Throat, died in mid-2002.
4 Prayers for the health of your throat should be offered to the following saints: Andrew the Apostle, Ignatius of Antioch, Blaise, Etheldreda, Godelieve, Lucy of Syracuse or Swithbert.
5 Fierce Throat are an experimental choir from Melbourne, Australia.
6 Cut-throat Jake was a bad pirate in TV's 'Captain Pugwash'.
7 Black raspberries are thought to contain a substance which helps prevent throat cancer.
8 Only three people (plus himself) are supposed to know the identity of 'Deep Throat', the informer in the Watergate scandal, though investigators now have it down to just a handful of possible suspects.
9 'The Woman With Her Throat Cut' is one of Giacometti's most famous sculptures.
10 Operation Rubythroat is an attempt to promote the well-being of hummingbird species.
11 Both the word gules (red in heraldry) and gargoyle come from old French words for 'throat'.
12 A Deep Throat cocktail contains vodka, Tia Maria and whipped cream. Feech!
13 'Cut throat pinochle' is a card game.
14 The Anglo Saxon name for the thistle meant 'boar's throat' due to the bristles.
15 Throat Coat Tea is a herbal brand aimed at curing 'Teacher's Voice', a throat condition.

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