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~ Wednesday, September 25, 2002

The Boring Institute's 'Most Boring Celebrities':

1984: Michael Jackson
1985: Dr. Ruth Westheimer
1986: Joan Rivers
1987: Jim and Tammy Bakker
1988: Bill Cosby
1989: Roseanne Barr
1990: Donald Trump
1991: Madonna
1992: The Entire Royal Family
1993: Al Gore Jr
1994: O. J. Simpson
1995: O.J. Simpson
1996: Dennis Rodman
1997: Ellen DeGeneres
1998: Bill Clinton
1999: Hillary Clinton
2000: Regis Philbin
2001: Jesse Jackson

The Boring Institute began as a spoof organisation aimed against media overexposure but has since developed into a serious group devoted to the psychological problem of boredom in the USA.

Source: The Boring Institute

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