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~ Monday, October 21, 2002

A list of homosexual similes:

as gay as cheese
as gay as the day is long
as gay as an arrow
as gay as Popeye
as gay as a pair of white shorts
as gay as a pink hairnet
as gay as peacocks
as gay as a daisy
as gay as pink ink
as gay as a goose
as gay as a house
as gay as crepe paper
as gay as a window (or windmill?)
as gay as a seal (France)
as gay as a little dog
as gay as a daffodil
as gay as a Care Bear
as gay as birthday cakes
as gay as the Queen of Scots
as gay as a taffeta chandelier
as gay as a lame pigeon (Spain)
as gay as a red squirrel
as camp as knickers
as camp as a row of tents
as camp as a two bob clock
as camp as Christmas (or a Christmas stocking / Number One / Island)
as camp as Kylie
as camp as Dale Winton at a Village People convention
as camp as a drag queen's wardrobe
as camp as tits
as camp as the Liberty Bell
as camp as a scouting jamboree on Daniel O'Donnell's front lawn
as camp as Butlin's
as camp as solid gold bath taps
as camp as brunch
as camp as a tent factory
as camp as tinned ham
as camp as a pair of tights
as camp as a row of mauve Vespas
as camp as a cake-stand
as camp as a fondant fancy
as camp as bottle of coffee and chicory essence
as camp as a vicar's bicycle
as camp as a case of Babycham

Some of these (my favourites) make no sense.

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