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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Monday, October 21, 2002

A list of collectible items:

Cigarette cards, bubble-gum wrappers, barbed wire, spark-plugs, hock, anything in the shape of a pig, gold ingots, pewter, traffic cones, beer cans, hypodermic syringes, clocks, rugs, rubber bands, dogs, Lagondas, penny-farthing bicycles, pennies, farthings, golf-balls, billiard-cues, Ming, stones, marbles, mirrors, Constables, accordions, pocket-watches, Dinky toys, Meccano, rope, tobacco tins, hotel-room sewing-kits, airline sick-bags, tulips, train-tickets, electric torches, books of matches, postcards, phonographs, ball-point pens, piranhas, dictionaries, hand-bells, thimbles, cameos, transistor radios, pressed flowers, Christmas cards, mangles, window-glass, initialled handkerchiefs, tiles, bricks, autographs, celluloid film-stock, movie stills, paper, ink-wells, swords, pistols, anchors, fishing-rods, carp...

Source: from The Star Factory (Ciaran Carson 1997)

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