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~ Tuesday, November 26, 2002

12 odd words found in the lyrics of Number One hits. Can you identify the songs (clues in brackets)?

1 mothballs (CLUE: yellow cook)
2 eskimo (an Irish one)
3 sangria (before watching a film)
4 fireplace* (also a play title)
5 fuzzy (scratch that itch)
6 yoghurt* (and other dairy products)
7 buster (don't get the brush out)
8 huff* (emerald she-wolves)
9 towel (soul man)
10 Glasgow* (bright lights)
11 broncin (and for dessert...)
12 combie (antipodean)

* means 'may not be a hit outside UK'

Source: RcL in The Rock Era. Want the answers? They are at the very end of the archive.

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