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~ Tuesday, November 19, 2002

6 things granny has given her name to:

1 granny flat - originally, a nice little pad within the house for gran to live in; now, every flat in Aberdeen for rent at £900 a month.
2 granny glasses - little metal-rimmed glasses as worn by elderly cookie dispensers and 'working class heroes'.
3 Granny Smiths - pasty green apples good only for being shot off the heads of Swiss children.
4 granny dumping - the process of offloading old folks into homes by those sick of hearing soup-slurps and Ivor Novello being hummed constantly.
5 granny knot - technically, an 'unsymmetrical reef knot', untechnically, any knot which cannot be undone.
6 granny bonds - National Savings certificates. From old oak tress, little acorns grow.

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