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~ Thursday, December 26, 2002

An age-old quandary - what rhymes with 'orange'?

In 2000, La Sierra University (Riverside, Ca.) asked locals at the Orange Blossom Festival to offer suggestions.

These included (in order of popularity, with variant spellings thereon):

...Porridge / Storage / Courage / Sorange / Nothing / Lorange / Burnge / Forge / Floorage / Forage / Sporange / Florange / Stonehenge / Fringe / To rage / Seepage / Gorgeous / Flange / Torrance / Florence / Lorlorn / Arrange / Syringe / Door-hinge / Stone Age / College / Norange / Discourage / Galorange / Strange / Morning / A range / Or Mange / Thorn / Gerund and, um, Orange...

Both and OUP online claim that there is NO full rhyme for orange in the average dictionary. However, for non-dictionary rhymes (can't guarantee ALL the pronunciations), try these:

Worange (Worange Point in New South Wales - probably WO-RAN-GAY)
Borange (a small record label)
Blorenge (a hill in Wales - definite rhyme)
porange (a cosmetic product, 'porange' stick OR a nonce word describing pinky or purply orange - definite rhyme, but a 'made-up' word; see also gorange etc, various 'pseudo-neologisms' for hybrid colours, juices etc)
Torange (a Middle Eastern male first name - probably not full rhyme)
Soranj / Sorange (a food distribution company)
Lorange (Kirk Lorange, famed slide guitarist - probably LO-RAYNGE)
Gorange (a US fighting robot)
Gorange (a Native American spy-novel by Charles H Thomas)
corringe (a variety of rhododendron)
porringe (an old variant of porringer, a soup bowl - definite rhyme and IS in some dictionaries)

The (originally British) surnames Corringe, Lorringe, Worringe, Morringe, Gorringe (eg Chris Gorringe, leading tennis official), Horringe (eg Sir Thomas Horringe, a Kipling character who 'specialises in tripe') and Torringe* all exist and most, I'd imagine, rhyme with orange.

The word 'sporange', a word from botany for a spore case on a fungus has been suggested as a full rhyme for orange. This is debatable due to pronunciation.

*Not to be confused with Torringe, the German word for the goal rings in quidditch!

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