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~ Monday, December 23, 2002

10 toy catastrophes of the 1970s:

1 Unreplaceable, frayed strings which spelled the end for Battling Tops.
2 Broken Wrists all over Scotland from 'clackers madness' (The Daily Record).
3 A Swingball shiner.
4 A lump of Blu Tac in which a balanceless, broken Subbuteo man stood.
5 Stunt kite no one could fly.
6 Any board game connected to a TV series.
7 Grade 3 blisters from whole Boxing Day playing Crossfire.
8 The green man who was never quite seesawed into the tub.
9 Grim-faced parents of singletons grasping the finer rules of Haunted House.
10 Coppit or Home You Go (sorry, this is a family in-joke)

Source: RcL. Apologies for the lame nostalgia, but tis the season.

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