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~ Saturday, January 18, 2003

16 strange spokes of the Aroma Wheel:

1 Horsey
2 Artichoke
3 Dusty
4 Concrete
5 Tar
6 Skunk
7 Burnt Match
8 Wet Dog
9 Filter Pad
10 Wet Cardboard
11 Fishy
12 Soapy
13 Soy Sauce
14 Butterscotch
15 Burnt Toast
16 Sweaty

The Aroma Wheel, used by wine experts to describe the smell of wine, is divided up into 10 categories (fruity, woody etc), each of which is sub-divided (eg citrus, berry) and sub-divided again into around 100 scents. These are some of the less likely ones.

*This being the caption to an old Private Eye cartoon of a Jilly Goolden type sniffing a glass of plonk.

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