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~ Monday, January 27, 2003

American presidential nicknames:

George Washington: Sword of the Revolution / The Old Fox / Sage of Mount Vernon / Father of his Country
John Adams: Atlas of Independence / His Rotundity / Father of the American Navy
Thomas Jefferson: The Sage of Monticello / Long Tom
James Madison: Father of the Constitution / Jemmy
James Monroe: The Last Cocked Hat / The Era of Good Feeling President
John Quincy Adams: Old Man Eloquent / The Accidental President / King John II
Andrew Jackson: Old Hickory / The Hero of New Orleans
Martin Van Buren: The Sage of Lindenwald / The Red Fox / Old Kinderhook / The Little Magician / King Martin the First
William Harrison: Old Tippecanoe / Granny
John Tyler: His Accidency / Young Hickory
James Polk: The People's Choice / Napoleon of the Stump
Zachary Taylor: Old Rough and Ready
Millard Fillmore: The American Louis Philippe / The Wool-carder President / His Accidency
Franklin Pierce: Handsome Frank
James Buchanan: The Sage of Wheatland / 10 Cent Jimmy / The Bachelor President / Old Public Functionary / Old Buck
Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator / Honest Abe / The Original Gorilla / The Tycoon / The Man of the People / Rail-splitter / The Ancient / The Illinois Baboon / Black Republican / The Sectional President / The Sage of Springfield
Andrew Johnson: The Tennessee Tailor / King Andy
Ulysses S Grant: Unconditional Surrender / United States / Hero of Appomattox / Useless
Rutherford Hayes: Dark Horse / Rutherfraud / His Fraudulency / Old Eight to Seven
James Garfield: The Preacher / Boatman Jim / The Martyr President
Chester Arthur: The Dude / The Gentleman Boss / His Accidency / Elegant Arthur
Grover Cleveland: The Hangman of Buffalo / Uncle Jumbo / Grover the Good / The Pretender / Big Beefhead / The Perpetual Candidate / The Stuffed (or Dumb) Prophet
Benjamin Harrison: Little Ben / The White House Iceberg / The Centennial President / Kid Gloves
William McKinley: The Napoleon of Protection / The Stocking-footed Orator / Wobbly Willie / The Idol of Ohio
Theodore Roosevelt: Bull Moose / Teddy / Trust Buster / The Rough Rider
William Taft: Big Bill / Big Lub / Uncle Jumbo / Peaceful Bill
Woodrow Wilson: The Professor / Tommy / The Schoolmaster
Warren Harding: Wobbly Warren / The First Negro President* / President Hardly
Calvin Coolidge: Silent Cal / Cautious Cal
Herbert Hoover: The Grand Old Man / The Chief / The Great Engineer
Franklin D Roosevelt: The Champ / That Man in the White House / A Traitor to his Class / The New Dealer
Harry S Truman: The New Missouri Compromise / High Tax Harry / The Man of Independence / The Haberdasher / Give 'em Hell Harry
Dwight D Eisenhower: Ike / The Swedish Jew
John F Kennedy: Jack / JFK / John-John / The King of Camelot
Lyndon B Johnson: Landslide Lyndon / LBJ
Richard Nixon: Tricky Dick / Gloomy Gus
Gerald Ford: Jerry / Mr Nice Guy / Jerry the Jerk
Jimmy Carter: Grits / The Grin / Hot Shot / The Peanut Farmer
Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator / The Gipper / Dutch / The Teflon President
George Bush: Poppy
Bill Clinton: Slick Willie / The Comeback Kid / Bubba
George W Bush: Dubya / Shrub / Mini-Me / Baby Bush / The Great Pretender / Commander-in-Thief / Junior / 43 / King George II

*Harding's racial background is still in dispute.

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