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~ Thursday, January 16, 2003

A collection of buzz phrases and hollow clich├ęs gathered during only two visits to the letter pages of teletext:

1 truly remarkable
2 millions like him
3 mortgaging our children's future
4 the ramblings of hypocrites
5 carry on the good work
6 the sudden realisation
7 I was horrified recently
8 willing to proclaim
9 the majority of the people
10 costing the taxpayer money
11 British legal history
12 rightly concerned
13 stop this nonsense now
14 in jeopardy
15 and all her ilk
16 here we go again
17 solve this once and for all
18 so-called do-gooders
19 we don't need reminding
20 utterly sick and tired
21 wreak havoc
22 the _____ brigade
23 blood price
24 let us not forget
25 people of my age
26 whose only crime was to
27 bleeding heart liberals
28 hands up all those who

These language strangling floggers make my day - better than 50 press-ups. Oddly, the most common location for them appears to be the pretty-seeming Lincoln, to which I once very nearly moved for a job.

Source: Ceefax p 145 / teletext p 147.

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