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~ Sunday, February 02, 2003

Suggested Scots names for the 18 holes of the world's nastiest golf course:

1 The Brustit Byke (the burst wasp's nest)
2 Clootie's Cla (the devil's claw)
3 The Scunner (the disgusting or irritating thing)
4 The Besom's Snood (the bitch's ribbon)
5 Ill-willie (malicious)
6 Waefu'-Woodie (the hanging noose)
7 The Yad's Baggie (the old mare's belly)
8 Waesucks (alas)
9 Stanepilkers' Weird (stonepickers' doom)
10 The Oxter (the armpit)
11 The Hingin' Kail-Runt (the filthy cabbage stalk)
12 The Skelper's Mools (the bad golfer's grave dust)
13 Wanchancie (treacherous)
14 The Paidle (the wild goose chase)
15 The Libbet Tyke (the neutered dog)
16 The Daftie's Fecket (the idiot's vest)
17 The Midden Stank (the dungheap drain)
18 Vogie Vennel (rain alley)

Source: by RcL

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