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~ Thursday, February 13, 2003

Two food lists:

12 common examples of pica (unsuitable food cravings during pregnancy):

1 ice cubes
2 large amounts of sweet or bitter fruit
3 cigarette ends and ash
4 coal
5 washing powder
6 peanut butter
7 pickles
8 clay or soil
9 strong cheese
10 gallons of ice cream
11 buckets of olives
12 wood eg toothpicks or pencils

Pica differs from normal food cravings in that the feelings generally derive from mineral deficiencies during pregnancy.

Source: various

12 to-my-mind disgusting foodstuffs:

1 artichoke hearts in oil
2 taramasalata
3 'cook-in' sauces
4 green pesto
5 brussels sprouts
6 vinaigrette
7 kidney
8 calamares
9 aspic
10 cottage cheese
11 tripe
12 fish roe

(This was probably Tim Wells' supper last night.)

Source: bitter experience

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