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~ Thursday, February 20, 2003

What seven junior school children wished for given three wishes:

1 for the homeless to have homes and jobs
2 for all the drugs and violence to stop
3 to visit Hawaii

1 a jet ski
2 an orange Quad
3 a dog named Texas

1 that nobody throws garbage in the street
2 two bunny rabbits
3 beautiful flowers in my garden

1 a 1998 Corvette
2 to make the world be cool
3 to visit Michael Jordan's home

1 a 204 story house with a hot tub 4 stories long
2 an interview with my ex-best friend John Paxon
3 to visit Hollywood

1 a pet dino
2 to find more dinos for everybody
3 to visit Dinotopia

1 a lowered, red with gray stripes down the side, extended cab, step side, step under the door Ford 150
2 no sickness or allergies in the world
3 any Ford assembly plant

Source: the Three Wishes Project

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