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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Saturday, March 08, 2003
Hello and welcome to Vitamin Q, a temple of triviality...

Just to remind you: this site belongs to Roddy Lumsden, a puzzle writer and poet from Scotland now living in Bristol in England. It's a place where I post lists, curiosities and fragments which please me as a lover of trivia and reference. They tend to reflect my interests which include pop, nature, words, Scotland, food, folklore and literature. I post a few items most weeks, so do bookmark and return.

If you wish to reprint any lists online, please include the source, or credit both me and this site if it is an original list. You can offer ideas, lists, corrections and book deals via the email address. I strive to come up with original presentation of material here, but sometimes I adapt and adopt from other sources, on and off line. If you feel I have purloined, let me know and I will make amends.

If you've surfed in from good old Google, you may find that what you want is in the archive, not on this page, but I hope you have fun searching! the two apparently Most Wanted Lists on this site are the presidential nicknames and the strawberries in arts and films which can both be found in the January archive. Now read on, and don't forget there's crisps and crumbs of hopeless knowledge aplenty in the archive - just click on the dates up on the left...

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