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~ Sunday, March 16, 2003

Some number related British place names:

Onecote (Staffs)
Two Bridges (Devon)
Two Dales (Derbys)
Two Gates (Staffs)
Twopenny Knowe (Strathclyde)
Three Bridges (W Sussex)
Three Chimneys (Kent)
Three Cocks (Powys)
Three Crosses (W Glamorgan)
Three Cups Corner (E Sussex)
Three Holes (Lincs)
Three Legs Cross (E Sussex)
Three Legged Cross (Dorset)
Three Mile Cross (Berks)
Three Miletown (Lothian)
Three Oaks (E Sussex)
Three Pikes (Cumbria)
Three Sisters (Highland)
Four Ashes (Suffolk)
Four Cabots (Guernsey)
Four Crosses (Powys)
Four Elms (Kent)
Four Forks (Somerset)
Four Gotes (Cambs)
Four Lanes (Cornwall)
Four Marks (Hants)
Four Mile Bridge (Gwynedd)
Four Oaks (W Midlands / E Sussex)
Four Roads (Dyfed)
Four Throws (Kent)
Fourpenny (Highland)
Fourstones (Northumberland)
Five Ash Down (E Sussex)
Five Ashes (E Sussex)
Five Bells (Somerset)
Five Oak Green (Kent)
Five Oaks (W Sussex / Jersey)
Five Penny Borve (Lewis)
Five Roads (Dyfed)
Five Sisters (Highland)
Five Ways (Birmingham)
Fivehead (Somerset)
Fivelanes (Cornwall)
Six Ashes (Staffs)
Six Mile Bottom (Cambs)
Six Rues (Jersey)
Six Hills (Lincs)
Sixpenny Handley (Dorset)
Seven Ash (Somerset)
Seven Dials (London)
Seven Kings (London)
Seven Sisters (W Glamorgan / London)
Seven Stones (Cornwall)
Seven Wells (Gloucs)
Sevenhampton (Gloucs / Wilts)
Sevenoaks (Kent)
Eight Ash Green (Essex)
Nine Ashes (Essex)
Nine Barrow Down (Dorset)
Nine Elms (Wilts)
Ninebanks (Northumberland)
Ninemile Bar (Dumfries)
Ten Mile Bank (Norfolk)
Twelve Oaks (E Sussex)
Twelveheads (Cornwall)
Sixteen Foot Drain (Lincs)
Twenty (Lincs)
Twenty Foot River (Lincs)
Forty Foot (Cambs)
Forty Hill (London)

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