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~ Saturday, March 01, 2003

Best world beers and lagers, as voted online by keen drinkers:

1 Guinness (Ireland)
2 Sierra Nevada (California)
3 Sam Adams Boston Lager (Boston)
4 Hoegaarden (Belgium)
5 Pete's Wicked Ale (California)
6 Grolsch (Netherlands)
7 Heineken (Netherlands)
8 Pilsner Urquell (Czech Rep)
9 Newcastle Brown Ale (N England)
10 Bass (Burton, England)

Source: (My ultimate vote goes to Arctic Red, from the Yukon, with Sierra Nevada close behind. Lager? Steinlager from New Zealand is good and for UK real ales, well, I'll choose Deuchars IPA from Scotland and Young's Waggledance from London)

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