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~ Friday, April 11, 2003

Mamihlapinatapei is a word from the native language of Tierra del Fuego which means 'a shared glance of longing where both know the meaning but neither is quite willing to make the move', which leads me to...

... the Philippines, where, I'm told, a word exists which means 'yes' but connotes the idea of 'no' - the word is used in awkward situations where offence needs to be avoided. So if a boy asks an unwilling girl to the cinema, she can say 'yes', safe in the knowledge that he knows it means 'no', which leads me to...

...the supposed shortest ever review which was of the album Yes by the English prog rock band of the same name. The review simply said No (anyone know if this is true or just apocryphal?*), which leads me to...

...the shortest ever Teletext letter which appears on ITV today - it's from a man in York, who simply suggests 'Tax cyclists', which leads me to... favourite ever Teletext letter from a few years back, sent in by an elderly lady who was saying how wonderful it was that the cold, dark nights of winter had returned and she no longer had to listen to the sounds of children playing outside. Don't you just love old people who are unashamedly misanthropic - we can learn a lot from them, ie how NOT to behave when we get wrinkles.

*Andy Jackson adds some more info on one-word music reviews. Apparently, the review of GTR (a band containing former Yes members) in Musician Magazine contained a one-word assessment: "SHT". In the Rolling Stone Complete Guide to Albums, the epynomously named album Chase has a one-word review - "Flee". The Gazette reviewed Purpendicular by Deep Purple with a one word review: "square".

Source: RcL

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