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~ Sunday, April 13, 2003

Though I hate to get scatological, I was writing about owl droppings recently (don't ask) and remembered that the proper name is a 'pellet'. I then recalled that an otter dropping is a 'spraint' and I wondered if there are other such dictionary, as opposed to slang, words for waste specific to certain animals. I suppose a cow has a pat, though that refers mainly to a dried dropping. In Scotland, we talk of cow's 'sharn' and sheep's 'pirls', I suppose from their small curled shape, and I once remember my granny, on seeing a horse unloading, talking of 'horse's oranges'. I think there has probably been enough here recently about horse's back-ends (see below), but if you know of any other dropping terms, drop me a line.

*Dan adds that bear and big cat droppings in the US are usually called 'scat'.

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