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~ Friday, April 11, 2003

A bunch (oops) of punning hairdressers in Bristol:

A Head of Style / Beyond the Fringe / Choppers / Clearly Ahead / Clips / Cutting Edge / Hairazors / Hairobics / Hairs & Graces / Hairways / Headcases / Headlines / Headmasters / Hotheads / Let's Blow Your Top / Look-A-Head / Loose Enz / Making Waves / Permutation / Shampers / Snippitz / Streaks Ahead / Talkin' Heads / Top Notch / Upper Cuts

Source: Yellow Pages (coming soon - the tag lines and boasts of mobile discos). Thanks to Khan Wong for reminding me too of Curl Up and Dye, a common hairdressing pun name, which somehow hasn't made it here in the West Country. From Tameside, David (thanks) adds The Hairport and Deb on Hair (run by a snipper named Deborah).

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