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~ Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Hurray - the counter has gone into four figures, meaning 1000 hits since the counter went up six weeks ago! Sorry there have been fewer updates in recent weeks - I was very busy finishing off my poet-in-residence project at The St Andrews Bay Hotel and completing the resulting new poetry publication The Bubble Bride which comes out next month. I have a backlog of ideas for this site - so check in every few days and hopefully there will be lots of new stuff (and nonsense). Please send ideas and comments... Roddy Lumsden

Have you noticed, those clever people at Blogger have themed adverts at the top of my blog? So, the day after I put up the horse disease list, an ad appeared for horse medicine. Today, they are offering a film starring Spike Milligan (mentioned in a recent list).

And hey - homework kids of America - the presidential nicknames list is in the January archive - click on the left and I hope you get a star!

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