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~ Tuesday, April 08, 2003

5 (of many) examples of US broadcasting's ignorance of the rest of the world:

1 US Masters Golf 2002 - commentator appears surprised that first round leaderboard contains some guy called Angel Cabrera. 'He was also one of the shocks of last year coming joint tenth', we are told. Multi-millionaire Cabrera has, of course, been one of the world's leading golfers for years, but he's not American, so he must be a shock, jock.

2 World's Wildest Police Videos - on a recent edition of this trashy cops'n'cons clip show, after some footage of a pretty unspectacular student protest in South Korea, we are treated to a moral lesson on how these things will happen in a regime where the people are refused democracy and freedom (and, no doubt, the American way). South Korea is, of course, a wealthy democracy with high standards of living (unlike its neighbour North Korea) and a good human rights record (unlike, um, America), but hey, what's the difference?

3 Likewise, in another recent edition, clips of a religious protest in Kiev, Ukraine are followed by an anti-Ruski diatribe about a gangster-run land where people have no liberty and rights. Ukraine is one of more stable and wealthy countries in Eastern Europe, but hell, who cares about the truth on American TV.

4 December 2001 - CNN reports a very quiet day in the Afghan conflict. Nothing much happened in the 'war' today, we are told. Not according to British news websites which report a massive successful operation by British troops and, oops, the deaths of hundreds of Afghan civilians in a US strafing incident which wiped out a village.

5 April 2003 - Thanks to Fox News for updating us on the whereabouts of 'Saddam Hussein and the rest of the Al Qaeda government'.

Source: TV

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