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~ Monday, April 14, 2003

Some worries I have as potential father:

1 What if it's a boy? I think the only good names for boys are Roddy and Tyler. And no way is a child of mine going to look like a Tyler.
2 What if a child goes retro and says, Dad, the Kinks rule.
3 When is my child old enough to eat tacos?
4 I already know that I want my child to wear bottle green more than is good for its reputation down in the park.
5 What if my child becomes over-interested in horses?
6 What if I pass on my faults to my child and can't see it?
7 How do I teach my child the difference between 'price' and 'cost'?
8 What if my child wants to talk to me about derailleur gears?
9 My friend who is married to a Portuguese woman has bilingual children. Should mine be able to speak Scottish and English? And what about Welsh and Cornish on their mother's side, and French on mine?
10 And what about nonsense, my mother tongue? Should I teach them to speak that as well?

Source: the fears of RcL

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