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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Thursday, April 10, 2003

Here are a few places where, if you want to, you can read some of my poetry:

1 is Vitamin P whcih has quite a few of my poems on a site beautifully designed by Nina Blackett
2 - The Nerve, the tasteful NYC erotic site has some naughty ones, but you will have to join
3 this site for Scottish and Northern writers has some stuff by me on Van Morrison, contraception and Cromwell's two skulls
4 - Magma, a London magazine which supports my work (thanks) has a sonnet online
5 - Poetry Daily have published a few of my pieces, including this poem on bodily fluids called 'Piquant'
6 has quite a few poems from my second book The Book of Love
7 - online poetry magazine Snakeskin has some poems by me and will have some brand new ones about hotels and food in early May

I have three books available - Yeah Yeah Yeah and The Book of Love (Bloodaxe) both available from Amazon etc, Roddy Lumsden is Dead (Wrecking Ball) - harder to get. A New & Selected Poems is coming out next year from Bloodaxe.

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