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~ Friday, April 11, 2003

Some debatable claims made in songs:

1 We all feel better in the dark, sang the Pet Shop Boys. Not really true of chronic scotophobics.
2 We all like figgy pudding, goes the Christmas song. Those with salt tongues or tender stomachs might not agree. May contain nuts.
3 I like to party, everybody does, goes the current cheesy hit. Not me, I'm past it, in my thirties and like to stay at home with a martini and the telly. I also started to wear slip-on shoes last year.
4 Everybody's beautiful in their own way, sang Ray Stevens, no doubt thinking of Hitler's watercolours, Idi Amin's way with paper dollies and Osama bin Laden's Flower Arranging for Beginners.
5 Everybody' talking about blagism, shagism, dragism, madism... goes Give Peace a Chance. Well, they might be if they knew what they were.
6 We all can get it on, sang Drag-on, evidently not talking about me and my girlfriend's underwear (not that I would ever try to of course, ahem, you understand).

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