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~ Saturday, April 19, 2003

Rhyming slang is most often associated with working class London, but is used all over Britain, as well as in other countries. Here are some names of people, real and made up, modern and historical, whose names are used in rhyming slang.

Catherine Hayes (ryhming slang meaning - days)
Charlie Beck (check)
Jack Horner (corner)
Dan O'Leary (weary)
Jerry McGinn (chin)
Johnnie O'Brien (iron)
Johnnie Russell (hustle)
Rosie Lee (tea)
Tom Noddy (body)
Hank Marvin (starving)
Jack Jones (alone, as in 'stuck here on my Jack Jones')
Lionel Richie (itchy)*
Pete Tong (wrong)

*Two other soul singers appear in similar British slang. A ten pound note (which is brown) is sometimes called a James Brown. The five pound note (which is blue) is occasionally referred to as a Harold Melvin (due to his band the Blue Notes).

Source: some from Brandreth's Joy of Lex. Others added by me.

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