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~ Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Some interesting street name trivia:

In Manila, there is a subdivision (housing project) where all the streets are named after beauty queens. Montreal is called the City of Saints, as all the early streets were named after saints. The streets of SoHo in NYC are named after Washington's generals. In Maputo, Mozambique many streets are named after leading communists and revolutionaries. The city of Tartu in Estonia has an area called Suppilinn, where all the streets are named after soup ingredients!

Stratford, NZ has, not surprisingly, streets named after Shakespearean characters. Hanoi old town has streets named after produce available at the local market. The Dutch new town of Almere has divisions where streets are named after film stars, novelists, seasons, colours, famous parks and dances. Paris has a small district nicknamed Europe, since streets there were named for European cities. Davis, California has a Tolkein street-name themed subdivision.

On the outskirts of Nashville, there is a development named Stonehenge, where all the street names have tangential links to the ancient stone edifice - these include streets named after Abingdon, Salisbury and, erm, Portsmouth and, believe it or not, streets named after the band members from Spinal Tap, who famously had a miniature Stonehenge on stage. In Banff, Alberta, where I spent last winter, most of the streets are named after local wildlife eg Muskrat Street, Hawk Avenue, Beaver Street (make up your own smutty joke here).

A few strange but true American street names:

Road to Happiness
None Such Place
Shades of Death Road
Pinchgut Hollow Road

Apparently, in Washington DC, there is a set of streets which run alphabetically A Street, B Street etc, but J is strangely missing.*

Toronto has both Memory Lane and Milky Way!

In the British Isles, we have:

Barroon Biggin (Castle Donington)
Granny Clark's Wynd (the road which goes on to cross the 1st and 18th fairways of the famous Old Course at St Andrews)
Jawbones (Bempton, Yorks)
The Land of Green Ginger, Rotten Herring Street (both Hull)
Poultry (London)
Cockstoolpit Hill (Macclesfield)
Mardol, Dogpole, Shoplatch, Wyle Cop and Murivance (all Shrewsbury)
Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate, Bad Bargain Lane (both York)
Holy Bones (Leicester)
Split Crow Road (Newcastle-u-T)
Gibble Gabble (near Manchester)
Cutlog Vennel, Needless Road (both Perth)
Cow Parlour, Roper's Rest, Misery Hill, Artichoke Road (all Dublin)
Air Balloon Road, Snail Creep Lane, There and Back Again Lane, Beggar's Bush Lane (all Bristol, the last is actually a long road out of the city, which I can see from our window)

Source: various (thanks to Meagan, Karen, Michael, Jon and Jessica for additions to the list)

*This reminds me of a 'strangely missing' fact: in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, at the end, when Snow White kisses all the dwarves goodbye, she only kisses six, one is misisng - I think it's Sleepy or Sneezy. What can it mean?

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