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~ Thursday, April 24, 2003

A '_U_U' alphabet:

auau - the Maori word for 'frequent'
Bubu - Malaysian resort known as the 'best sexy body beach'
Cucu - a Romanian surname
dudu - the Dudu, made by Kona, is a fancy mountain bike, a snip at $3000
Eueu - shortened or pet form of the name Eugenia
fufu - a type of porridge eaten in Africa
gugu - gugu badhun is a nearly extinct Aboriginal language spoken in Queensland; also the name of a strange Thai doll
huhu - a rum and mint cocktail, the speciality here
iuiu - Alpinia carolinensis, a large tropical plant
juju - West African fetish or charm, or the magic associated with these
kuku - a large New Zealand wood pigeon
lulu - any outstanding thing
mumu - an earth oven in Papua New Guinea, where you will also find a...
nunu - ...which is an initiation house: men hide in the roof space to frighten women and boys
ouou - a name given to dogs in Iberian countries (a bit like bow-wow)
pupu - the Hawaiian term for a snack meal or starter
Ququ - a not-so-common French surname
ruru - a New Zealand owl, also called the mopoke / morepork, from its cry
Susu - a people of West Africa, living mainly in Guinea
tutu - frilly ballet skirt; also Nobel winning churchman Desmond and minor jazz record label
uuuu - a Swiss webhosting company
vuvu - a Brazilian percussion instrument
wuwu - the Taoist term for 'non-thingness'
Xuxu - a strong German brand name drink, made of vodka with a strawberry flavour
yuyu - the Japanese word for poltergeist (probably)
Zuzu - the little girl in homely movie It's A Wonderful Life

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