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~ Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Some of the rules for making adverts with the Pillsbury Doughboy animated 'spokesguy':

1 He might be teased, but in the lightest possible way
2 He's never taken advantage of and never made the butt of the joke
3 Precautions are taken to ensure that the character is never shown in a pose that is awkward or unflattering
4 In general, you don't see the Doughboy's rear end, and if you do, there should be no 'buns'
5 He should put his hand on his hip, keep his chin down, cock his head to the side
6 He shouldn't do clenched-fist stuff as this draws attention to the fact that he doesn't have fingers
7 His skin should look like dough - off white, smooth, but not glossy
8 He should not be too portly
9 He should walk with a swagger
10 When he runs, he doesn't take large strides - he takes little steps
11 He should be slightly luminous, but without sheen
12 When he falls down, his hat should jump off his head a little bit which gives him the opportunity to readjust it, and give a sheepish smile
13 You should never see the whites of his eyes, as he has a tendency not to look as lively face on
14 His stomach should be proportional to the rest of his body

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