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~ Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Those 'rears-of-the-year' in full:

1976 Barbara Windsor
1981 Felicity Kendal
1982 Suzi Quatro
1983 Lulu
1984 Elaine Paige
1985 Lynsey de Paul
1986 Anneka Rice / Michael Barymore
1987 Anita Dobson
1988 Su Pollard
1989 Marina Ogilvy (daughter of Princess Alexandra)
1992 Ulrika Jonsson
1993 Sarah Lancashire
1994 Mandy Smith / Richard Fairbrass (of Right Said Fred)
1996 Tracy Shaw
1997 Melinda Messenger / Gary Barlow (of Take That)
1998 Carol Smillie / Frank Skinner
1999 Denise van Outen / Robbie Williams
2000 Jane Danson / Graham Norton
2001 Claire Sweeney / John Altman
2002 Charlotte Church / Scott Wright

The Rear of the Year award is given annually in the UK to male and female celebrities (mostly singers, comedians and soap stars) with the shapeliest backsides. It is sponsored by clothing companies (currently Matalan). The award was at first occasional and for women only.


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