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~ Tuesday, May 06, 2003

The events and contests of the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics:

Race of the Torch
One-Hand Reach
Alaskan High Kick
Indian Stick Pull
Eskimo Stick Pull
Ear Pull
Toe Kick
Kneel Jump
Scissor Broad Jump
2 Foot High Kick
Greased Pole Walk
Arm Pull
One Foot High Kick
Ear Weight
Blanket Toss (aka Nalakatuk)
Drop the Bomb*
4 Man Carry
Knuckle Hop (aka Seal Hop)

Fish Cutting Contest
Seal Cutting Contest
White Man vs Native Woman Tug o' War
Muktuk Eating Contest**
2002 Miss WEIO Pageant
Native Baby Contest
Native Regalia Pagent
Dance Team

*this event involves three men carrying another, who has stiffened his limbs, by his hands and feet until he drops
**muktuk is whale skin and flesh, said to taste 'like fresh coconut'

Source: full details and 2002 results here.

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