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~ Thursday, May 01, 2003

10 more recent search engine requests which ended up here in Stuffsville Central:

1 poems about mother writing from Heaven*
2 she-hulk naked
3 aggle + rhyming words**
4 wolf + spraint
5 ancient laboratory trivia
6 sex***
7 yum yum pig's bum
8 wigan kebabs****
9 infant cat mew disease
10 Shakespear's miss u poem*****

*other poem subjects sought on my site recently have been 'Irish setters' and 'rhyming poems I can give to my girlfriend'
**let's see now: haggle, gaggle, straggle, waggle, erm, um...
***how many pages of results can you surf?
****a Wigan kebab is, I think, a sandwich with two meat pies as a filling
*****yo! miss u 2, Shakee

Source: the tracker

PS There is more new stuff below - it just got out of synch because I am techno-limited and can't work the drafts bit of blogger Pro

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