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~ Saturday, May 17, 2003

Some teenagers' theories on Da Vinci's painting of 'Mona Lisa':

I think the Mona Lisa is a noble lady who Leonardo tried to make smile after alot of hard work she finally put a smerk and he kept that image in his head so he could paint it.

I think the Mona Lisa was not smiling at the time she was painted, but because Leonardo was being paid to paint her, and would have been killed if he revealed how ugly she truly was.

Maybe she was smiling because Leonardo da Vinci kissed her...and her lips got smudged and it looked like a smile. That's my Theory!!!!

Also known as la Giaconda, this in my opinion is a bizarre peak performance by Leonardo Da Vinci. Happens many times when artist and model are juxtaposed for a while and the artist gets supra motivation enabling him to deviate from the actual features of the model whereby a Magnum Opus is created with a few million brush strokes.

The thing about the Mona Lisa is that she's not always smiling. Only when you look at certain places on her face does she crack a smile.

The answer is very simple...Mona Lisa is smiling because its a picture portrait. Who would frown in a picture? Heard the saying "say cheese?" Don't make it harder than it is.

The real reason for her half smile is because she probably had some crooked teeth that she did not want da Vinci to paint.

I think that da Vinci was naked while he was painting her. Hence the mysterious smile. She is looking at him like she wants to laugh, but at the same time she wants to know if he's up to something else more seductive.

My theory of the Mona Lisa painting is that Leonardo da Vinci was a lonley man. Many people thought he was gay which probably made him have no luck with women. The painting of Mona Lisa to him was probably a girl he made up, his dream girl, a girl he wished he could some day have. In my guess that is what I think the Mona Lisa may mean.

Da vinci was a lot more religous than some may think. He believed in souls and femine energy and masculine energy, and that no person is complete per say with out both... It is not a girl that looks like Da Vinci, but Da vinci looking like a girl. Also, the name, Mona Lisa, is not just made up. The god of fertility, is Amona. a man with a rams head...and the godess or something is named L'isa.

Mona lisa was a self portrait of Leonardo da Vinci picturing himself as a woman, or mabe since one fact about Leonardo was a jokster he dressed up like a girl and painted a portrait of himself like that to see how long it takes someone to figure that out, but since that's history; we may never know.

I think that Leonardo drew Mona Lisa Smiling because he drew it right after they had sex. They were in love. Everyone thought da Vinci was gay, but I think that it was a cover up for the affair he was having with Mona Lisa.

I think she smiles like that because she got punched when she was younger. She probably got into a fight with another person in school and got her teeth punched out.

She is stupid so she smiles.

Napoleon carried this picture around and I don't think he would do that if it was a secret picture of a man. All the artists during that time were robbing graves to see what people looked like and if he did that he probably didn't draw himself in a dress.

Source: You can find these here, along with some more scholarly theories.

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