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~ Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Mark McDonnell sums up each of the versions of Dr Who in five words:

William Hartnell - cantankerous old exiled Edwardian grandfather
Patrick Troughton - scruffy mop topped cosmic hobo
Jon Pertwee - velvet dandy man of action
Tom Baker - curly wild eyed bohemian genius
Peter Davison - cricket loving restless galatic innocent
Colin Baker - loud garish arrogant erudite crusader
Sylvester McCoy - pacifist professor spoon playing manipulator
Paul McGann - handsome Byronic quick minded adventurer

A lifelong fan of sci-fi series Dr Who, the actor Mark McDonnell has appeared in several Big Finish Productions audio dramas, notably in their Dr Who range alongside McCoy and McGann. The second series of Mark's comedy sketch show Velvet Soup begins on Tuesday 20th May 10pm BBC2 (UK) and runs for four weeks.

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