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~ Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Personal names which have a different meaning in old Scots dictionaries:

Ann - an extra salary payment made to a minister's widow
Barry - to thresh corn
Bella - a bonfire
Ben - a pile of empty coal containers
Bess - to sew together loosely
Bill - a bull
Billy - the golden warbler
Blair - to bleat like a sheep
Bob - a nosegay
Bobby - a grandfather
Bonnie - of a wound, healing
Boyd - a blackberry
Brad - a derogatory word used for an old man
Buck - the sound made by something dropped into water
Carl - a clown or boor
Carly - a precocious boy
Carrie - a type of wheelbarrow
Cath - to bat a ball along
Chuck - a girls' pebble game
Clair - to rake through a pile
Dale - a board for measuring a corpse
Dave - of pain, to lessen
Dee - a dairymaid
Dilly - a sandcastle
Dirk - to grope in the dark
Dolly - getting worse at poetry due to ageing
Don - an intimate acquaintance
Eve - a conger eel
Fay - near to death
Fern - gut used as violin strings
Frank - a heron
Gail - to be split by frost
Glen - a daffodil
Grant - to moan
Harry - to steal bird's eggs
Hope - a small bay
Jack - a leather drinking-cup
Jake - to waste time
Jamie - a yokel
Jessie - a wig
Jenny - a centipede
Jilly - a pubescent girl
Jimmy - an oatmeal pudding
Jo(e) - a sweetheart
Johnny - a half-glass of whisky
Jordan - a urinal or cesspool
Kate - of a cat, to be on heat
Kay - a jackdaw
Keith - a bar across a river to stop salmon
Ken - a whole season's worth of cheese
Kent - a pole used by shepherds to jump ditches
Kevin - a piece of refuse left after separating grain
Kim - a tub or ladle
Kyle - a bowling pin
Kylie - a breed of small Highland cattle; a little stick; a small haystack
Lawrie - a fox
Lee - the ashes of green weeds
Lily - thrush suffered in childhood
Luther - a heavy blow
Maggie - the guillemot
Mark - darkness
Mattie - a young or fat herring
Maud - a shepherd's plaid
Meg - a sulky, short-tempered girl
Michael - a term applied to a girl
Miles - wild spinach
Neil - the devil
Nell - to talk loudly or fluently
Nick - to drink heartily
Pam - a jack in cards, especially jack of clubs
Pan - to tie a kettle to a dog's tail
Paul - a puzzle
Penny - fancy food
Peter - to snub or irritate
Polly - a turkey
Ray - a song or poem
Rick - smoke
Rob - blackcurrant jam
Rodger - a big ugly animal
Rory - drunk and loud
Rosie - red clay marble
Shane - to break a witch's spell
Sharon - cow's dung
Sol - a window-sill
Steve - uptight, stubborn
Tim - to empty out
Tom - a horsehair fishing line
Tommy - a loaf of bread
Tyler - a masonic lodge door-keeper
Walt - a crust of cheese
Walter - confusion or an upset

Source: mainly Warrack (1911); compiled by Roddy (a track or pathway)

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