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~ Thursday, June 19, 2003

When I mentioned a floater here recently, my friend Vera in Melbourne asked what it was. I meant the first in this list, but this is a versatile little word; here are 28 meanings it can have:

1 a delicacy from Adelaide - a meat pie and ketchup served in pea soup
2 a type of scented candle
3 a serve in volleyball
4 a person who is unsure who to vote for in an election
5 a general term for those who boat or canoe on rivers
6 a type of glider
7 a song by Bob Dylan (from Love and Theft)
8 a person who drifts between casual jobs
9 a person who does skilled temporary work, ie a locum
10 a type of golf ball
11 a complex component of a racing car
12 a blunder or cock-up
13 a member of The Floaters, famous for their big hit 'Float On'
14 something nasty which won't flush away
15 a flaw or speck in the eye
16 a slang term for a carcase at sea or on a river
17 a term in investment, erm, something to do with a short term rate
18 a person employed in espionage, but only on an occasional basis
19 a type of all-weather coat
20 a specific move in surfing
21 an aerator for keeping bait fish alive
22 an infuriating text frame which moves as you do on an internet page
23 a device used in stetching a canvas / picture framing
24 a buoyancy aid to help meditation or wading
25 a form of insurance policy for moveable property
26 a sort of large American mussel
27 a crumb in a bottled drink
28 a short, high golf shot

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