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~ Thursday, June 26, 2003

28 'BB' stereotpyes:

1 bovver boy - a thuggish young male, especially wearing skinhead fashion including bovver boots. UK early 1970s
2 brown breader - someone given over, superficially at least, to 'healthy eating'. By extension, any hippie or liberal
3 beach bum - someone who lives the surfing or sand hobo lifestyle
4 Busby babe - one of the Manchester United soccer team of the late 1950s, managed by Matt Busby, many of whom were killed in a tragic air crash in West Germany
5 brain box - nickname for a child of high intelligence
6 big brother - an imposing head of state or any organisation; from Orwell's 1984
7 Baron Bung - an old expression for the host of a drinking party
8 bunny boiler - a woman who becomes obsessive and behaves irrationally or violently during a relationship, especially an adulterous one; from the sleazy thriller Fatal Attraction
9 bathing belle - a contestant in a seaside beauty competition, particularly circa 1930s
10 bridled bear - a young nobleman who was chaperoned by a tutor
11 buttered bun - a sexual partner who has recently had intercourse with someone else
12 blonde bombshell - a glamorous blonde haired woman especially a model or movie-star of yesteryear; now used mostly ironically for any gender
13 Bungalow Bill - a man who has 'little up top'; a rugged but unintelligent companion of a glamorous woman (from one of Liz Taylor's lovers who was so nicknamed)
14 barrow boy - one who sells goods, especially fruit and veg, from a stall in a market; any loud, loquacious or uncouth man
15 bible basher - a fundamentalist or evangelical Christian, especially one who is over-enthused with Biblical moralising
16 backroom boy - a scientist, theorist or technician who makes things happen 'backstage' or away from the politicians or generals
17 boot black - one who shines shoes for a living
18 blue bottle - an old name for a beadle or a police constable
19 back bencher - a member of the British parliament who is not part of the cabinet
20 bachelor boy - a young unmarried man; by extension, one who is such by reasons of homosexuality
21 Blair babe - one of the many younger female MPs brought into UK government by Tony Blair's late 90s New Labour
22 brown bagger - one who bring their own booze, or carries it out of the shop in a brown bag; one who drinks alcohol in public from a brown bag due to by-laws
23 best boy - the electrical assistant on a film set
24 Billy Bunter - any greedy person, foodwise; from a British schoolboy character of that name
25 Billy boy - an Irish or Scots Protestant, from their historical support for King William (Billy); a football supporter of Protestant teams such as Glasgow Rangers
26 blue bonnet - an old name for any Scotsman, from a regiment which wore them
27 ball breaker - a slang name for a tough, manipulative or man-hating woman
28 baby boomer - one who was born in the post-war baby boom; broadly, those who were young in the 60s and early 70s and who adhere to the social and cultural mores of that era

Source: various, by RcL (bawdy bard)

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