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~ Thursday, June 19, 2003

22 garnishes to add to soup:

1 pastina (tiny pasta shapes)
2 dumplings (eg herb, liver or semolina)
3 kneidlech (matzo balls)
4 croutons (fried bread squares)
5 crostini (similar to above)
6 chiffonades (ribbons of herbs and greens)
7 wasabi and daikon (Japanese vegetables)
8 haystacks (deep fried leek strips)
9 lockshen (vermicelli noodles)
10 sippets (large herb croutons)
11 egg balls (pieces of cooked yolk)
12 kreplach (filled doughballs)
13 rivels (small pieces of dough)
14 mandeln (similar to above)
15 cream swirls
16 custard cut-outs (baked custard shapes)
17 crisped bacon
18 garlic crisps (deep fried slices)
19 tofu pieces and spring onions
20 gnocchi (semolina dough balls)
21 printanier (snips of eg turnip and carrot)
22 smetana (high-fat sour cream)

This is a taster for a forthcoming VitQ soup special!

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