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~ Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Some fruit and veg related sayings:

1 cool as a cucumber
2 to not have a bean
3 couch potato (also now 'mouse potato')
4 to dangle a carrot
5 like peas in a pod
6 cauliflower ear (a sports injury)
7 to know your onions
8 face as red as a beetroot
9 knitting lentils (also 'knitting yoghurt', living an 'alternative' lifestyle)
10 mushroom cloud
11 to be a total cabbage (to do nothing, aka 'to veg out')
12 pea-souper (a thick fog, nothing to do with Aussie foodstuff the 'floater')

1 to not give a fig
2 go nuts
3 play gooseberry (to be an unwelcome third party)
4 to cherry pick (to select the best bits)
5 to (talk) rhubarb (to pretend to talk in the background of a film / play)
6 plum position
7 to blow a raspberry (aka Bronx cheer)
8 sour grapes
9 to play second banana (to be a sidekick or deputy)
10 the apple of one's eye
11 to be a lemon (a disappointment or sham)
12 peaches and cream (a certain complexion)

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