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Vitamin Q: the book!

~ Thursday, June 19, 2003

In the 1982 Book of Lists cash-in Bigger Book of British Lists, the editors chose 'The football teams followed by 20 famous people'. The list (shorn of the teams) is more now interesting as a snapshot of those who were considered 'famous' in the late 70s/ early 80s Britain.

1 David Hamilton (homely DJ)
2 Pete Murray (homely DJ)
3 Hylda Baker (comic actress)*
4 Eric Morecambe (TV comedian)*
5 Bernie Winters (comedian / presenter)*
6 Peter Cook (comedian / writer)*
7 Ted Rogers (comic / game show host)*
8 Lance Percival (comic actor)
9 Eric Morley (Miss World organiser)*
10 Jimmy Hill (irritant / sports presenter)
11 Lorraine Chase (comic actress)
12 Jasper Carrott (comedian)
13 Elton John (pop duchess)
14 Brian Moore (sports commentator)*
15 Mike Yarwood (impressionist)
16 Ed Stewart (excitable DJ)
17 Tim Brooke-Taylor (comic actor)
18 Eddie Large (half of comic double act)**
19 Arthur Mullard (comic actor)*
20 Trevor Nunn (theatre director)

* means 'now deceased'
** Eddie, who lives near here, had a heart transplant this week

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