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~ Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Some Latin phrases and what they mean:

ad literam - to throw rubbish in a park
animo non astutia - lively, but a moron
anno domini - government by Anns (eg Widdecombe or Robinson)
bona fide - good dog!
corpus delicti - roadkill transformed into a tasty meal
de facto - factory made
deo gratias - free anti-perspirant
deus ex machina - in the days before technology
ex cathedra - (hanging out) outside church
ex post facto - an excuse involving the words 'lost in the post'
festina lente - a party held on Shrove Tuseday
fiat lux - a free-to-enter car competition
gloria patri - a father who has had a sex change
inter alia - a fight between Muhammed Ali and Monica Ali
loco citato - the area of any city where the jakies live
locus standi - to freeze and blend in as an insect does on a leaf
modus operandi - a fashion-conscious surgeon
non compos mentis - a mistake made by a conductor
non sequitur - any useless garden tool
prima facie - a cute face, probably with snub nose and freckles
pro bono publico - willing to admit to owning U2 CDs
servabo fidem - to feed the dog
sub rosa - the cook on a U boat
tempus fugit - heat rash
terra firma - the rule by fear of the Mafia
veni, vidi, vici - the Matriani triplets of Belmont, W Virginia
vice versa - obscene poetry
vox populi - any televised singing contest

Source: by RcL

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