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~ Tuesday, June 17, 2003

My 10 favourite female singer-songwriters (and some best songs):

1 Robin Holcomb (Like I Care, Electrical Storm, When I Stop Crying)
2 Kate Rusby (Sweet Bride, Who Will Sing Me Lullabies, A Rose in April)
3 Kate Bush (Night of the Swallow, This Woman's Work, Morning Fog)
4 Stina Nordenstam (Fireworks, Little Star, Another Story Girl)
5 Tori Amos (Horses, Bells for Her, Not the Red Baron)
6 Nanci Griffith (Late Night Grande Hotel, Workin' in Corners, Storms)
7 Virginia Astley (I'm Sorry, Darkness Has Reached Its End, My Smallest Friend)
8 Joni Mitchell (Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire, Come in From the Cold, A Case of You)
9 Kathryn Williams (Jasmine Hoop, 3am Phonecall, Mirrorball)
10 Mary Margaret O'Hara (Dear Darling, Help Me Lift You Up, Body's in Trouble)

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