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~ Thursday, June 19, 2003

An occasional trawl through odd search engine queries which have led to this site:

1 London slosh dance
2 horse enlarged herb balls
3 draw barymore
4 clishmaclaver lyrics
5 ballet term 'it gives me the willies'
6 Mrs Pilchard
7 daving*
8 pakee girls
9 religious sayings about the stars
10 poetaster cartons**
11 Guatemalan calico***
12 Denis Bowel + reggae****
13 Hank Marvin Perth shop address*****
14 Borange in Ireland******

* what foul vice is this? Sounds filthy
** presumably for shipping them to poetry prison?
*** great CD title for Enya, I reckon
**** think that might be Dennis Bovell
***** has Hank been reduced to running an opticians in the Fair City?
****** no, it's Blorenge in Wales! We've been through that whole 'what rhymes with orange?' business before here.

Source: the tracker

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