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~ Tuesday, July 08, 2003

4 pieces of graffiti I remember from my years living in Edinburgh:

1 Those steps going up towards the car park at Castle Terrace, last time I looked, still had a nameplate which contained seemingly authentic 'we love the Beatles ' style scratchings from the 60s. Gear!

2 One evening in south Marchmont Road circa '94, little kids wrote stuff all over the pavement in chalk. Outside my window, they had written 'A/B/lots of things'. Very deep.

3 All over Edinburgh, in the late 80s and early 90s, you could find derogatory graffiti about 'Marilyn Clark fae the Jewel' (ie from 'the Jewel', a city suburb). It seems that a scorned friend or lover spent years chalking and painting slurs on this poor woman.

4 Way down Causewayside, almost into J K Rowling-owned territory, on a red-brick wall near the Old Bell, someone had celebrated Reed, Cale, Tucker and Morrison in huge letters, probably while sulphed-up. It read 'VELVET UNDERERGROUND'. Was there for years and years until the late 90s.

Source: by RcL

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