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~ Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Marco's list of 10 peurile songs which feature belching and farting:

1 Raw Power by Iggy & The Stooges - Iggy nonchalantly belches at the start of this in lieu of a count-in

2 EMI by the Sex Pistols - A distressingly authentic fart as the track concludes

3 Canyons Of Your Mind by The Bonzo Dog Band - Features Vivian Stanshall's belching solo, filtered through early Elvis slapback echo. Arguably the highlight of all popular music since records (and records) began

4 Eugenie Sokolov by Serge Gainsbourg - Reggae flatulence from pop's premier scatologist

5 The Idiot Bastard Son by Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - Prolonged belches, lovingly sped-up, slowed down and echoplexed to add extra weight and poignancy to the line 'the idiot BOYYYYYYY'

6 Our Song by Roger Waters & Ron Geesin - Arguably one of the more arresting moments from their 1970 soundtrack to The Body: a collage of giggle-inducing body noises and tack piano. The baby on it is adorable

7 I Love You Mark by Jerry Goldsmith - From the soundtrack of Damien, Omen II, something which sounds remarkably like choral belching. Quite an achievement, if so

8 Phat Like That by The Go-Nuts - Uses a belching sample as a rhythmic device

9 In The Air Tonight by Mr Methane - Oh dear. Phil Collins' magnum opus, only farted. Still an improvement, mind

10 Everything Is Over by Kevin McDermott Orchestra - There's an extremely loud belch during the party that intrudes into the track during the fade. It was me

Source: by Marco Rossi. Wham bam, thank you man.

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